Friday, October 14, 2011

Modular Warmachine Town

Here is the big current project.  A full modular town for Warmachine and Hordes.  Massive use of Hirst Arts molds. (The best in the business).  My idea for this town is to have heavy detail.  I want players to put finely painted armies on it and have it draw the eyes of everyone in the conventions.  With this plan in mind I began working on a format for the sections.

I decided to base all the sections off of 1x2, 1x1, 1x4 and 2x2 pieces.  Seems this layout would give me the most variety.  To start it off I made several frames of 1"x2" wood.  I made frames around the pieces so the sides would not get damaged during transport.

I cut pieces of pink foam to the inner size of each frame.  This is so I would have at least 1" of depth if I wished to dig down for any reason. (Water, craters, which ever).  This done I moved on to the casting!

This was my test piece for both the frame system and the Hirst Arts Molds.  I have to say I am VERY impressed with the quality of product put out by Hirst arts Molds.  I cast the stones out of dental stone.  I have the very best aunt in the world who just happens to be a dentist, and gives me an awesome discount on dental stone.  The test piece is 1'x1'

The second test piece was a 1'x2' board.  I am experimenting with a new way of doing rubble.  There will be a tutorial on how I did it at a later time as I am still working with it.

Another 1'x1' flat and I have a 2'x2' section cast and assembled.  (house and figs added for scale)

I came up with the idea of making many (and I mean MANY) movable cover/detail pieces.  These will be placed around for color and to block charge lanes etc.

Stay tuned for part 2!

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