Thursday, December 1, 2011

Folding Terrain board Pt 1

Here's the latest project I've been working on all week.  Folding travel terrain boards.  I decided to make one for my nephew and brother so they would have a set at their house.  I kept telling them I was working on a secret project and my brother guessed what I was doing.  I was going to wait till after xmas to post them up, but since he guessed I will go ahead and put them up.

Starting with a thin sheet of plywood cut into two  2x4'  sections, and several 1x2's and 1x3's.  I build a framework for the under side of the board.

I decided to build 2 tables at once.  A prototype to work out all the bugs on and the #1 model for my brother and nephew.

With the frame done I put the sides on and slid the two sections together to see how they match up.

 A top side view and a bottom view.

Dry fitting in 2 sections of foam board to check the edges.. smooth fit!

Like a glove
Here is the folded over thickness.  The boards are very light.

Hinges needed a bit more space so I put some edge blocks on.

 Time to start the finish work.  Using a red mahogany stain.

More to come in part 2!

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