Tuesday, December 13, 2011

A simple hill OVERKILL!!!!

So the project for the day was to make a simple hill for my brother and nephews terrain set to go along with their folding board...

Brother Joe doesn't care for sloped hills as the minis tend to fall over.  As this is for them I added a few ramps to make it easier for the models to stay on.
 Well since it was a nice ramp, I decided to go ahead and put flag stones on it to dress it up.  And, a few walls to frame it in.

While I'm at it, I may as well ring the wall around and add some cover for a better flavor to this simple hill.

Joe plays Menoth.. so why not add a few pillars to give the sense of a temple.

May as well continue the wall around...

 Walls look a bit stubby.. lets build them up a bit...

Now for the flocking on our simple hill.

Nice big space to put a lot of green!  Maybe put a few stones in there to break it up a bit...

 There, that's better.

Final painting and details still to come.  But here it is, a simple hill.

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  1. Wow... such a simple thing gone amuck. I love it though. It's the most complicated simple hill I've ever seen.